The Monegasque Federation of Kick Boxing and Associated Disciplines was established on November 30 2001 (Journal of Monaco dated December 28, 2001)

She holds Accreditation Monaco Government (equivalent to the Delegation in France) by Ministerial Order n ° 2011-561 of 14 October 2011 (Journal of Monaco, dated October 21, 2011)
She is recognized by the Monegasque Olympic Committee (PDF) and is affilaited to the European Federation ( WAKO EUROPE : World Association of Kick Boxing Organizations Europe),  the Amateur International (WAKO : World Association of Kick Boxing Organizations) and professional ("WAKO PRO : World Association of Kick Boxing Organizations").



The Committee of Honour
Honorary Member: Madame Cecile GELABALE


Executive Board
The Executive Board is composed as follows:
President : Mr Claude POUGET
Vice-President : Madame Cecile GELABALE
General Secretary : Mr Thomas BREZZO
General treasurer : Mrs Jocelyne Fautrier Bellone

National Technical Direction
National Technical Director : Mr Claude POUGET
Technical advisor : Mr Thomas BREZZO


To practice
Kick-Boxing,le K1 Rules, American Boxing
in Monaco joign :

The Kickboxing, Muaythaï and Krav-Maga International Academy of Monaco
( ex International Martial Arts Academy of Monaco )

Approved by the Monaco Government
Collective training at Stade Louis II - individual courses on request
Tel.+377 (0)6 07 93 31 36